1. What makes the atomist misting fan different than others in the market?

Most misting fans in the market today use pressure nozzles which have the tendency to clog or drip. Many of these fans also require a pressure pump. Our fans do not require either. Our patented dual atomizer technology on our misting fans breaks the water into an ultra-fine mist, which does not clog or drip.

 2. Will the environment, clothes or skin get wet from the atomist misting fan?

Again, different from the nozzle systems, our misting fans droplets down to 4-10 microns by using a proprietary disc system which creates a dry, moisture free cooling mist ideal for inside or outside spaces.

 3. How do I install the atomist misting fan?

Mounting the atomist misting fan is very easy. Click here for installation instructions .

 4. Do atomist misting fans require any special water or filters?

No, you can use tap or hose water. There are no filters required.

 5. What is the temperature reduction?

It depends on the day’s temperature and relative humidity. However, the temperature can be reduced by up to 30°F.

7. How much maintenance is required?

Very minimal maintenance – only occasional cleaning with a moist cloth is required.

8. Do the atomist misting fans increase humidity?

No, our fans do not increase air humidity when used in environments where there is air circulation/exchange.

9. Why do rooms need air circulation when atomist misting fans are being used indoors?

Air circulation is required to avoid increasing humidity and possibly creating condensation.

10. How can I become a reseller for atomist misting fans?

If you are interested becoming a reseller of our products, please fill out the New Reseller Inquiry Form. Once you have submitted the inquiry, you will be contacted by one of our Reseller Development Specialists to discuss the opportunity.